Easy DIY Nail Art Designs

One of the ways you can spruce up your manicure is by adding nail art designs. Whether you’re extending the life of your manicured nails or fixing a chip, you can use these easy DIY nail art designs with items you can find in your home.

Tips on nail art designs:

  • For a long-lasting manicure, prep your nails with our ArteStile manicure kit and follow the directions from our Ultimate Guide to DIY Manicures
  • Make sure that the nail polish is completely dried before applying a new layer of polish for your design. 
  • Avoid drying your nails in front of a fan to prevent air bubbles. 
  • If you make a mistake, simply wipe off the nail polish with rubbing alcohol. 
  • Seal the deal with a good top coat. 

 Image from Unsplash

Easy Nail Art Design Ideas:

  1. Metallic tips: Use a metallic sharpie or metallic nail polish for a modern French tip manicure.
  2. Straight lines and shapes: Use painter's tape or masking tape which has less stickiness and easier to remove. 
  3. Ombre nails: Use a clean makeup sponge and practice a few times on paper to get the perfect transition. 
  4. Polka dots or flowers: Use a clean cotton swab or bobby pin and apply different pressure to achieve different sized dots.
  5. Matte polish with glitter overlay: Similar to the technique used for ombre nails except apply the glitter at the tips of your nails. 

Image from Unsplash